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Scarlett Gasque FORGET-ME-NOT Lingerie Review

I remember seeing Scarlett Gasque pop up out of seemingly nowhere back in 2020, with some of the most show-stopping designs and a captivating first campaign. From the second I saw their sleek satin corsetry, I knew that I one day would have to try their pieces for myself. As a brand is inspired by Hollywood bombshells, risqué pin-ups, and erotic burlesque dancers. Their products are a fusion between vintage-inspired designs and traditional corsetry, but with a modern touch.

Scarlett Gasque reached out to me earlier this year to collaborate with me and were kind enough to allow me to choose a few items for myself. The pieces I selected were from the Forbidden Fantasies: Showgirl Collection, a title which felt very on brand for me!

The Forget-Me-Not Bra design is unlike any others in my collection, for both its composition and its colour scheme. Purple is not usually a colour I am drawn to when it comes to clothing. However, when I saw this unique mixture of lavender and royal purple, I knew I had to have it.

The Italian silk feels so luxurious against the skin, whilst the mesh backing allows it to hug comfortably across the back. The contrast of the intricate Swiss embroidery against the silk makes this piece the showstopper it is. The way the lace sits in person doesn’t do photos any justice, it’s truly such a unique design. 

The ruched silk straps remind me of vintage showgirl garter belts, and the little silk bows are surprisingly one of my favourite little details. I’m usually the kind of girl who wants to remove extra bows off everything, however these carefully placed details add to the overall charm of this bra. The bra features three eyelet hook fastenings and boning within the sides, which makes this gorgeous piece surprisingly supportive. 

One thing I will mention about the fit is that I have changed sizes significantly over the years, so finding the right bra size has been difficult (for me). The sizing chart was incredibly helpful towards guiding my choice, however I have lost weight since my original purchase so I might be adding padding to make this work for me in the future. 

My Size: 34C

100% Italian Silk

Mesh Backing: 82% Polyamide, 18% elastane

Embroidery: 100% Polyester

The Forget-Me-Not Suspender was the piece I was most drawn to from this entire collection, but if you know me well enough, that is no surprise. After all of my years working in lingerie, I would never gravitate to a lingerie set unless it had a suspender of some sort. This suspender is also unlike any others within my collection for a number of reasons. 

The four suspender straps pull tension in such a way that the lace accentuates the hips, creating curves in all the right places. Part of me wishes that the straps had that same ruched detailing as the bra straps, however, leaving them plain and adjustable was definitely the correct choice - less is definitely more in this case. 

The way the lace sits on this piece actually makes it feel like a very, very tiny skirt, with a small window to show off the underwear so perfectly from both the front and the back. This was definitely a well curated design as it’s incredibly complimentary to the overall look. Sometimes suspenders can feel like an afterthought, which is why I find many people don’t always tend to buy them. However, this suspender definitely completes the look in my opinion. 

My Size: S

Dare I say, the Forget-Me-Not Knicker is one of the most flattering thong designs I have worn in a hot minute, and so comfortable too. 

To me, it is very obvious when women are in charge of a lingerie company's designs when you take a look at the size of a gusset. It’s always a concern of mine when it comes to trying new underwear to ensure the presents stay wrapped up, and this thong did not disappoint.  While I haven’t tried all of their designs, this thong’s elastic keeps everything neatly and comfortably contained… if you know, you know. 

The placement of the lace on this thong is so complimentary to the entire set, delicately designed to draw attention to all the right places. This thong effortlessly peeks through the suspender belt demanding to be appreciated and not ignored from both the front and the back.

My Size: S

Saving the best for last, the Forget-Me-Not Robe was the ultimate star of the show. This opulent robe is the perfect piece for flouncing around the house or taking to the stage, which I have done a few times now. This robe receives so many compliments, and I am sure you can see why. 

The deep royal purple exterior perfectly contrasts with its bright lavender interior, creating the perfect backdrop to reveal the stunning lingerie underneath. The way this fabric flows is hypnotic, whilst the way the stunning silks reflect the light make it all the more eye catching. The ethically sourced faux fur cuffs help to elevate the level of luxury and also keep you cosy and warm. 

The robe is made from very delicate silk, so you’ll want to store this one hung up and keep a steamer handy when you want to wear it, as it is prone to creasing. 

My Size: XS/S


Shipping from the UK to Australia took less than 1 week in line with their websites delivery standards. Tracking information was provided, and shipping prices on their website look reasonable. They also offer a 14-day refund or exchange policy on all items and the terms on their website are fair.

Overall Thoughts

Luxury lingerie isn’t necessarily for everyone and cost can often create a barrier for access, however, the love that is put into these pieces is undeniable. Scarlett Gasque is committed to having upfront and transparent ethical standards, from both their quality fabric selection to their standard of working conditions. Meaning, you get what you pay for. 

My thoughts about this lingerie are pretty simple, it’s stunning and these pieces speak for themselves. They are unique in both their colourway and design. You would be hard pressed to find anything remotely similar on the market, especially with this exquisite quality. 

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