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Amber & Indigo Lingerie Review

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Amber & Indigo for a photoshoot earlier in the year, alongside a good friend of mine Melbourne Art Nude. It is a brand that I had always admired from afar and always wanted to own pieces from for a very long time. Now after having the soft mesh caress my body, I can safely say I am hooked on this lingerie (what a shock... not really).

I love being able to support small business and better yet... a small Melbourne business! These items are created by one gorgeous designer/seamstress/boss business owner by the name of Bronte (or better known as Amber Von Blonde).

It was great to get an insight about what happens behind the scenes of a lingerie company and what is in store next for Amber & Indigo. I was lucky enough to get some sneak peaks of new things on the design table, and I am so excited to see what Amber brings out next!

What I adore about this brand is that all of the pieces are handmade in Melbourne Australia, either in the Amber and Indigo Studio, or by their Ethically Accredited manufacturing partner.

Another great note about this brand is that the pieces are made to order. Although this means you might have to wait a teeny bit longer to receive your order (roughly 3-5 weeks), the pieces can be customised and adjusted to suit any need that you might have! You can add your measurements to your order, which means that your custom lingerie will fit perfectly just to you! This also means that the made to order process doesn't create dead stock at the end of a season, just fabrics, which can be repurposed into new designs.

We love an ethical brand, don't we?

The selection of lingerie I will be talking about is from Amber & Indigo's French Kiss collection.


I want to start by talking about the Amélie Bralette.

This bralette is a bold statement that combines both comfort and style, which I could not agree with more. The number one thing I noticed about all of Amber & Indigo's items were the comfort factor! This soft delicate mesh is so comfortable and feels so good on. It is made from soft stretch mesh with flocked polka dots, satin elastic strapping, gold hardware and lace trimmed ruffles.

The sizing on these items was great from what I could tell. Obviously if I was to order them, I would make sure to add my own measurements to get the best fit possible. On the website it says that the go all the way up to an F cup, so it's definitely a great option for bigger busted person. As the items are made to order anyway, you could always email ahead of purchasing to see whether the pieces could be made in your exact size (which is also pretty cool). Take note that there is no underwire in this design, so it won't offer much "structural" support and rather just be more of a comfortable, decorative, everyday piece.

What really sold this bra to me was the cute little shoulder frills! I am usually not big on frills in general, however these are fitted to lie on the shoulders in such a way that flatters the shape and creates a really interesting look.


My favourite piece to share: the Anaïs Knickers (please don't ask me to pronounce it).

I have what I lovingly like to call a "long butt". My butt is mostly made up of legs, and this is a piece that really shows off those legs. Again, I am not a huge fan of frills... however, this whole set seems to be the exception. When they are done right (and boy, are these ones are done right), frills have the ability to accentuate curves and create shapes by directing the eye to the desired ass-et.

As soon as I realised that this was a high waisted thong, I was over the moon. I don't think anything compares to a high waisted thong these days in terms of bottoms. That is of course until I saw there was an ouvert knicker on their website! Ouvert basically means that the underwear are crotchless and open for business. I would be tempted to wear the thong everyday and the ouvert knicker every night, if you catch my drift.

In terms of fit, these felt great on. I didn't have the opportunity to figure out what size I was wearing as it was a sample for the shoot, however as I have mentioned again and again: custom sizing... win, win, win!


Something that really stood out about this set was that it came in such a soft white. You're probably all thinking, "we get it... it's white, what's the big deal?". Hear me out here, I promise this is going somewhere.

I feel like I have seen so many dainty sets or polka dot sets in beige or black (this set also comes in black FYI), which is great don't get me wrong... but THIS white! White is a colour I do not see used well in lingerie often. White is usually associated with bridal sets and is often limited to lace or incorporated with skin tone fabrics. In my honest opinion, it just start to get boring.

This white is so soft that it has the ability to work universally on just about every skin tone! As someone with porcelain white skin myself, I usually wouldn't dare picking up a white set. White never stands out on me.

However the black edging and details has allowed it to separate from blending in to my skin and popping as a separate colour. This set genuinely has the ability to be universally such a good set and you'll just have to see it in action to believe me.

Styling Ideas

When it came to styling this piece, all I could think of was pearls, pearls and more pearls. Dots naturally take my mind to things that are round, and with the white fabric it was a no brainer. Paired with a pair of black fluffy peep toe bedroom heels, I felt completely in my element.

Also a piece I haven't mentioned just yet are the faux gloves (or handless gloves, for lack of a better term)! Amber whipped these up the night before the shoot and I definitely think they contributed to the reason that I liked this set the most. If you are interested in a pair of these, send Amber a message to let that you want them - so hopefully she can whip you up a pair of these too!

Other styling options might include sheer robes, which *wink wink, nudge nudge* keep an eye out on Amber & Indigo's website for updates (you didn't hear it from me). There may or may not be something to look forward to on the horizon.

Overall Thoughts

I really adored this set for it's simplicity and attention to detail. I had the privilege of wearing a fair few of their sets, however this set was really "me". This set felt very theatrical, flirty and the whole French Kiss collection will always have a place in my lingerie addicted heart.

I would highly suggest signing up to their newsletter if you haven't already! This way you can stay up to date for all of their fantastic new releases, which I already know are going to be epic.


Photos taken by Melbourne Art Nude.

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