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Bettie Page Lingerie Lilac Collection Review

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

As someone who is obsessed with any form of vintage lingerie, when Playful Promises released the Bettie Page Lingerie Lilac collection I knew that I had to have it. Purple is far from my favourite colour, however this soft, dreamy lilac is definitely an exception.

On the Playful Promises website they state that their lingerie is inspired by the rich history of lingerie, and some of Bettie's most iconic looks. The collection features lingerie, nightwear, stockings and accessories for the modern pin up (aka me).

In total, the collection has five pieces and I now proudly own four of them. The only piece I did not purchase was the French Knicker Briefs, as I knew I wouldn't get as much wear out of them (if any).


Let us begin by talking about the Lilac Retro Futuristic Bullet Bra.

I had seen the Retro Futuristic Bullet Bras by Bettie Page Lingerie in the past and I have always been itching to purchase one. Bullet bras were designed and created in the late 1940's and are a must have for any vintage enthusiast. They feature decorative spirals and circle stitching that was designed to center on the nipples (yay!). I finally decided to bite the bullet (pardon the pun), and buy this gorgeous item. This bra is a structural masterpiece with delicate attention to detail and beautiful, eye-catching stitching.

I am currently a natural 10DD/32DD and was nervous about purchasing this one in a size S, as I did not want to spill out of the cups. I won't say that this bra is a perfect fit, however with a little bit of chest manipulation and pushing my bad girls together, it worked a charm. Upon re-reading the website, they actually would have recommended I purchase a size M which I understand why. Without adjusting the shape of my breasts, I would have been overflowing on the sides of these cups. Regardless of the size issues I ran into, I really like this bra.

The cones were a little bit interesting and without filling them or using a cone insert it would create a bit of a funny shape (but that can easily be fixed by the oldest booby trick in the book: tissues or socks baby!).

It's important to note that this bra is wireless, so for me it did not provide any structural support and rather just be more of a decorative bra.


Probably my favourite piece of this collection should be no shock, it is the Lilac Classic 6 Strap Suspender Belt.

If you know me at all, you should know I cannot say no to a six strap suspender and I purchased this one in a size 8. It features a luscious lilac front panel and a transparent mesh on the sides and back. The suspender straps are of a thick elastic, that support your stockings from falling down and I am certain that it would give support for all day usage. The hardware of this suspender includes silver clips with a rubber/silicone backing and adjustable teeth style clamps that allow you to choose the length of the straps. These are all sturdy adjustments and I did not have a single strap pop or move whilst I was shooting. I am usually not big on bows and would often resort to cutting them off, however these are the perfect little edition to such a statement suspender.

Another feature of this suspender that I really enjoy is the strap placement. It drives me crazy when the back suspender strap is directly over the cheeks, as it's guaranteed to slip off my butt and bunch my stockings to the side of my legs. The fact that they've designed this suspender with butts in mind is a major plus for me!

*Please note as I did not have a pair of underwear to match this set I just used a pair of mesh knickers that I already owned.

Babydoll Dress

The sweetest piece of this collection was definitely the Lilac Chiffon Feather Babydoll Dress.

I actually purchased the dress and robe before the bra and suspender, because they caught my eye long before the other pieces did. When I saw these items, I pictured myself sitting at my vanity doing my makeup and living a 60's daydream. When I received my items (in a very cheeky large lingerie purchase), I was not disappointed. I purchased this gorgeous chiffon item in a size 10, which I believe it fits perfectly (as I wanted a looser fit).

I will say, I have a rather long torso (or long body in general) and the back of this dress barely covers my bum, so I am very glad I bought the robe. I don't mind that it's a bit shorter, because it means the dress can go from sweet to sexy the second you remove the robe.

Feather Robe

To me, the most versatile piece of this collection is the Lilac Chiffon Feather Robe.

If you were to purchase any one piece of this collection, I would say make it the feather robe.

I bought my robe in a size 10 (although I'm closer to a size 8) because I wanted it to be as large as possible without looking 'too big'. It is a piece that would so effortlessly change any set that you decided to pair it with. This robe would be beautiful with any black, white or purple set that you might already have and it's the most inexpensive way to change or spice up any outfit. Just throw a robe on it!

This piece has wide sleeves, marabou feather trims and a lovely satin tie. I also saw a gorgeous woman on Instagram recently @krumackenzie style the robe by tying the ribbon in her hair and it was such a cute look!

Knowing Your Fabric

For the bra & suspender there are a variety of synthetic materials used such as for the main satin portion it is 100% Polyester the mesh used is 77% Nylon, 23% Elastane and the cup liner (for the bra) is 100% Nylon (excluding trims). The chiffon dress and robe are made of 100% Polyester (excluding the feathers and trims), which does unfortunately make these pieces non-vegan. As for washing, always wash your lingerie with cold water by hand to make sure your pretty babies last for as long as possible without the harm of a washing machine.

Styling Ideas

When I think about vintage lingerie, particularly items from 1940s-50s, I think long gloves. I already own the Bettie Page Mesh Gloves, which practically go with everything and would definitely be a great tie in with these items. Otherwise an AMAZING tie in would be any of the lavender items from Creepyyeha, especially if you want a designer, kinky twist.


Ever since Playful Promises opened their Australian website, I have found shipping remarkably quick and reasonably priced. Even with all of the COVID-19 restrictions and delays with shipping, I still received my items within a week. This makes it fantastic for a semi-last minute shoot idea being able to come to life.

Overall Thoughts

My overall thoughts of this collection is that it's a big old yes from me. It's so different from so many other lingerie items that I own and it is in such a stand out colour! My main takeaway advice for anyone purchasing these would be to make sure you're reading the sizing suggestions. From my experience, they're true to the sizing that they suggest and it will save you a lot of hassle in returns.


Photos taken by Marcus Keily Photography.

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1 Comment

Rora Mac
Rora Mac
Aug 01, 2020

This is legitimately the best and most comprehensive lingerie review I've ever read! Will have to return and read more! Especially as a fellow lover of all things lingerie! <3

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