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Hopeless Lingerie Review

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

I had been admiring Hopeless Lingerie for what feels like 100 years now, both through seeing their posts on Instagram and having friends tell me how amazing their garments were. I finally got the opportunity to purchase a set from the Garden Of Earthly Delights collection, a set and collection that I had been fawning over for over a year. I adore Hopeless Lingerie so much because they are an Australian brand based in Melbourne (my city).

Hopeless Lingerie creates all of their lingerie to order, which is a mission that is designed to combat the textile waste issue. This means that their lingerie focused towards being both ethical and sustainable. They are committed to environmental and sustainability causes, and I love supporting a brand that has such clear and transparent missions. You can read more about that here.

So in my review of this set I’m going to breakdown what I find the most important elements are for a good lingerie piece and let you know my thoughts.


Let’s talk about the Pamela Bralette.

I chose the Pamela bralette as I adored the different shape of it. I haven’t seen a lot of bras with this kind of cross strapping in the front and that’s what initially drew me in. What sold me on this bra was the fact that they had described it as a great style for full busts… hello that’s me! They also offer custom sizing for even fuller busts so I think that’s the bee's knees.

I am traditionally a 10DD/32DD in most brands so I was a bit hesitant when I saw that I would need to purchase a size S bralette. Anyone with a larger bust can probably relate to when purchasing that kind of sizing that either the band will fit and the cup won't, or vice versa. But this one fit perfectly! The plethora of straps and adjustments meant that I was able to get the right size for me and it fits perfectly.


This was the piece I was most excited for, the Celeste suspender. My favourite piece of any set will generally be the suspenders. For me, it’s the piece that turns the bra and bottoms into lingerie rather than just underwear. I am also obsessed with stockings, and stay ups just don’t do it for me. This suspender features a cute little frill skirt with a thick elastic band through the middle. The internal construction of this item is also impressive and makes me believe that it will provide plenty of support holding up my stockings throughout the day.

Although I am a huge fan of the suspender I bought, to be honest it was a body dysmorphia moment for me. I actually have been having this problem with all suspenders I have bought over the past year. I am buying things that are too big for me either because I can’t shake what size I used to be or because I can’t acknowledge that I have lost weight. Either way, it’s a little big on me. I don’t love having things done up as tight as they can be and I wish it fit me a little more snug. I don’t think I would mess around with replacing it though or sending it back for an exchange. I still am in love with the item and it’s not a huge deal.


In my mind, I had two real options I could have chosen from to complete this set. I was tossing up between the Sabrina thong and the Blair thong. I ended up deciding on the Sabrina thong, not just because it costs less, but because I had heard the reviews about this epic cut. Which let me clarify, is epic. I only have one thong that is in pretty much the exact same shape and it’s one of my mother’s from the 70’s. It’s the underwear shape I go for in pretty much every costume I make, as with my legs, I find it’s the most flattering. A high-waisted thong is a great option for anyone who wants to accentuate the length of their legs and show off their greatest ass-et.

On their website they say that the Sabrina thong is the thong for people who don’t like wearing thongs and I would have to agree. On the best of days, I don’t love something wedged so far up my ass that I could be split straight up the middle; this thong does not have that effect. It has a high quality, soft elastic that is firm enough that you feel held, but not strangled. I literally now want thousands of these thongs, thanks a lot Hopeless.


As a gal who has a flair for fetish and BDSM, I find hardware on lingerie very appealing. I like to have forethought when buying lingerie, what other bedroom items it might match with (handcuffs, collars, etc). These items feature thin, lightweight silver O-rings, slides, hook and eyes, and suspender clips. I have never seen hardware so thin and light before, but that doesn’t seem to lower the quality of the garments at all. The suspender clips are sturdy and have good grip, so I know that my stockings won’t be sliding anywhere.

If there was a bedroom item I would pair this with it would have to be the gorgeous PM Leather Bloody Hussy belt (which has been on my wish list for a looooong time).

Knowing Your Fabric

Their lace is made from 77% Nylon 23% Spandex, so what this says to me is a cold hand wash only and no ironing or machine drying. Nylon is a great soft material that lasts for a long time, although it’s not super breathable. This set probably won’t be one that I would wear on an everyday basis (especially not in summer). Spandex is susceptible to degrading and losing its shape when exposed to heat, so knowing how to treat your lingerie is the best thing to keep it lasting forever. I pretty much have told anyone ever that a cold hand wash is always best when caring for lingerie, and this definitely applies in this situation.

Lots of Hopeless Lingerie’s limited sets use deadstock fabrics, which saves fabrics used by other brands from going to landfill. Conscious fabric is the best fabric, you’ll feel better knowing that it is trying to combat the ongoing fast fashion epidemic. Although still technically it is not a zero waste product, it’s better than most high label lingerie brands on the market at the moment.


Let’s talk about shipping times. You definitely cannot purchase from Hopeless if you have a time constraint (unless you pick something from their ready to ship range). I purchased my set on the 26th of November 2019, only to have it delivered on the 16th of January 2020. I know that most of their lingerie is handmade in Melbourne, Australia to order so they have a disclaimer on their site that orders may take 2-4 weeks before being shipped. I think when you bundle that together with the fact that this order was to be completed over this Christmas period (where I’m assuming they had a high influx of orders), a 2 month waiting period makes a lot of sense. I had no issue waiting for this set to arrive. This is just a warning in case you thought maybe you could order something and have it arrive later that week… It’s just not going to happen.

Overall Thoughts

I genuinely believe this is the nicest quality lingerie set I own. As someone who sews and knows what to look for, there is not a single seam out of place. You get what you pay for with these items (as they definitely aren’t cheap), so they’re worth every penny. If you can treat yourself to Hopeless Lingerie, I say do it - because I’m already hopelessly in love with their products.


Photos taken by Marcus Keily Photography.

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