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Beyond the Stage: How OnlyFans Can Take Your Burlesque Career to the Next Level

Like most performers and creators, when the Covid-19 pandemic first hit, and live performances came to a halt, I found myself struggling financially. I needed to find a way to continue supporting myself and to be able to showcase my art. That's when I stumbled upon OnlyFans.

I think I first heard about OnlyFans through some of my friends who are strippers and sex workers. They already used it to make extra money and spoke highly of it. I then began to notice OnlyFans appearing more regularly in the news at the time, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers seeing constant articles about people making $100k per month.

Evana De Lune posing for a lingerie photoshoot
Marcus Keily Photography

I finally decided to create my account in February 2020, and it was an absolute game-changer. As a burlesque dancer who also does lingerie and latex modelling, I figured many of my photos and videos already could not be posted to Facebook and Instagram due to their strict community guidelines. So monetising that type of content through OnlyFans quickly became an incredible way to earn extra income for content I was already producing, and it has since become one of my most significant revenue streams.

The sign-up process was straightforward, and I could set my subscription prices and choose what content I wanted to post. I decided to focus primarily on behind-the-scenes footage, photos from my performances and photoshoots, and exclusive photos I couldn't post anywhere else. I also interacted with my fans regularly, responding to their messages and asking what content they wanted to see more of.

Evana De Lune poses on a bed in a latex outfit

To my surprise, I started earning money almost immediately. And within the first month, I made just short of $700 (after the 20% fee that OnlyFans takes). And while it wasn't anywhere near the $100,000 a month that everyone on the news seemed to be earning, it did supplement my income significantly and allowed me to continue to stay creative throughout Covid, focusing on my burlesque career, creating costumes and new acts. By my second month I had almost doubled my earnings and had cleared well over $1000, which seemed unreal to me because most of the content was from shoots and performances I had done previously but was unable to post, again due to oppresive community guidelines on mainstream platforms.

I've been running my OnlyFans account for over three years now, and as time has gone by, it has just continued to grow, and it has now become one of my most significant revenue streams. (Make sure to read my post about the importance of creating various streams of revenue) It's also one of the easier forms of income to manage, as you can take a break from posting and still earn passive income. This means that even when you're busy with other things, you can still generate revenue from your account from recurring subscriptions and scheduled posts. And when you have the time to focus on your OnlyFans content and messages from your fans, you can immediately see the results of your efforts in terms of engagement and earnings.

A close up product shot of Evana De Lune in red lingerie
Sophia Rose Photography

So if you're a performer, artist, or anyone creating content that can't be shared on traditional social media platforms, I highly recommend starting your own OnlyFans. It's truly just an excellent way to monetise your content, build a fanbase, and engage with your fans more personally. And if you do, just remember that you're in charge of the type of content you make, so don't feel pressured to do exactly what someone else is doing. It's still quite easy to make money on the platform without doing anything overly explicit, and I think you benefit from bringing something unique and just being yourself, you'd be surprised at how many people just want to support you.

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