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2023 Evana De Lune Art Competition results!

A massive thank you to everyone who entered my art competition last year! I've finally gotten around to announcing the winners of the categories as chosen by me, as well as the audience choice award winners that will each be receiving an AUD $150 prize!

You can watch the winners announcement here if you'd prefer video format, otherwise keep scrolling to see the winners and the full gallery.

I had almost 100 entries in total, from all over the world! Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, you name it! And I am absolutely blown away by the talent and unique style you all have! I always find it amazing that you can tell who has drawn or painted a piece within a few seconds of looking at it.

Without further ado, let's get into it!

category winners

Picking these was crazy hard, seriously. How's everyone so insanely talented and skilled? It's wild. It’s creators like these that make this whole thing a super exciting celebration of all things art.

Best Traditional Art - @michelemontemelb

Best Digital Art - @wolfstudiosart

Best use of colour - @clare.welch

Best black and white - @nasty_franky

Best abstract - @_s.o.h.i.n.i._p

Best pinup - @waynea3

Best portrait likeness - @edsart23

Huge shoutout to all the amazing artists out there! Your work seriously blew me away, standing out in a sea of awesome stuff. It's so cool to spot a piece and instantly know, "Yep, that's theirs," before even catching the name. Thanks for pouring your heart and soul into your work and making it super unique. It's awesome to see your personal touch shine through.

Audience Choice Winners

1st Place -

2nd Place - @soverybadatstuff

3rd Place - @coach_toc

Big congratulations to the winners of the audience choice awards! It's clear to see why your entries snagged the most votes; each piece captures something truly unique. The hard work and dedication poured into your art doesn't go unnoticed. I love seeing the details, the thoughtfulness, and the passion that each of you brought to your work. It's inspiring to witness how your creations resonate with so many people.

Full Gallery

Don’t miss out on the full gallery below! There’s a treasure trove of incredible art waiting for you, contributed by some seriously talented artists.

Keep your eyes peeled and follow along because there's a good chance I'm doing this competition all over again this year! If you loved what you saw in the gallery and were inspired by the creativity and passion of these incredible artists, you won't want to miss what's coming next. I'm all about celebrating amazing talent and bringing together a community that appreciates incredible art. Evana xx

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